Telematics; Big Brother is Watching Your Car

Telematics; Big Brother is Watching Your Car

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What is telematics? Big Brother is Watching and all Knowing

Telematics is a combination of the words telecommunications (which means the transmission of data) and informatics (which is the science of computer information and processing systems). This term covers the sending, receiving and storing of information to remote or mobile objects, like passenger and commercial vehicles. Telematics has a fantastic potential in assisting the performance and maintenance of vehicles and reducing the chances of the car breaking down. If the vehicle’s various systems detect a fault or an impending fault, you and your vehicle can be made aware of it. Advice on what to do and where to go to your nearest workshop can be supplied through SMS or the car’s infotainment system.

Transport and trucking companies can track their vehicles’ travels, assess the vehicles’ maintenance requirements and even monitor individual driving behaviours to ensure that the truck is being driven in the most fuel efficient manner.

In the case of an accident where the airbag is deployed, the vehicle will be able to notify emergency services of the accident and provide an accurate location using the car’s GPS system. Many newer cars already have safety systems that unlock doors and shut down fuel systems if the airbags are deployed.

Insurance companies are also keenly interested in telematics as they have the potential to monitor or access driver behaviour, GPS and vehicle dynamics in the moments before an accident. They can also track and locate the car if it is stolen but also know that you don’t regularly park your car overnight at the place you noted on your insurance policy.

It is not unreasonable to consider that a stolen car or wanted criminal’s car could be remotely immobilised by the police.

Many A Grade Automotive Network Auto Electrical workshops can install various telematics and GPS tracking devices into your vehicles.


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