What does your car need?

Car Servicing – it's your car and your choice.

You do have a choice when it comes to the service and maintenance of your car and you could save a lot of money. 

You may have been told otherwise but you can take your car to the repairer of your choice - and it will have no effect on your warranty. 

As a consumer and vehicle owner, you have the right to have your car serviced by whomever you choose, without voiding the seller’s statutory warranty obligations. So you can get your car serviced by someone other than the business that sold the car.

If you are in any doubt, check out the facts by downloading our fact sheet.

The A Grade Automotive Network
The A Grade Automotive Network (AGAN) is a network of independent automotive businesses that are dedicated to providing a better quality experience across all aspects of vehicle maintenance and repairs.

Certified A Grade
We are VACC Certified A Grade. We meet certified requirements in customer service, training and equipment standards and consider ourselves to be the best in our fields.

Why wait

Car owners will generally switch to independent repairers when the warranty on a vehicle has expired, or, they no longer believe that they are getting the best for their vehicle. That may be the case right now so why not experience the difference and get a quote from your local A Grade business.