Why isn’t the Air Conditioning Cold?

Why isn’t the Air Conditioning Cold?

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What’s involved in an A/C service?

Usually the first thing we notice about the car's air conditioning system is that it isn’t cooling properly. This can be caused by many different problems from mechanical, electrical or refrigerant volumes. A preliminary inspection will check the following;

  • Does the system turn on?
  • Is cold air being blown from the vents?
  • Are there any unusual noises?

A qualified technician, one that has a refrigerant handling licence, will also connect air conditioning gauges and a scan tool (if applicable) to inspect the refrigerant pressures inside the system. On many modern vehicles, a scan tool can access the data from the engine management and climate control systems to assist in diagnosing any issue. The following items will also be performed;

  •  inspect drive belts, pulleys and electrical wiring
  •  inspect hoses and components including compressor and condenser for obvious signs of damage or leakages
  • recover refrigerant (weigh amount and record) and evacuate system
  • Add required amount of refrigerant oil
  • Recharge system with recommended refrigerant capacity
  • Leak test system with an electronic leak detector
  • check temperature (air vent output)

If repairs are necessary, these need to be performed before the system is recharged with refrigerant.

Does the A/C smell?

An important aspect of servicing the A/C system is to kill any bacteria that may be living inside the HVAC (Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system. The HVAC unit sits behind the dashboard and includes the heater core, evaporator, TX valve, blower fan, pollen filter and the ducting to the vents. A treatment can be sprayed into the system to eliminate any mould, mildew or bacteria as well as deodorize and disinfect.

Can Anyone Service Air Conditioners?

No. All A Grade Automotive Network workshops that service and repair air conditioning systems have the appropriate qualifications and licenses from the Australian Refrigerant Council. They have the appropriate expertise, skills and equipment to correctly diagnose, repair and service car air conditioning systems giving you the best advice and highest quality service.

Book in now to have your car's air conditioning system inspected and serviced.


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