Recycling Tyres

Recycling Tyres

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Using old tyres as garden decorations just doesn’t recycle enough tyres. With over 50 million used tyres generated just in Australia this year, what do we do with them?

Stockpiling and storage is not the answer and burning them for fuel is not good for the environment either. Many tyres are now recycled by breaking the tyre down to its components. The steel can be recycled and so can the rubber as it is turned into crumbs. This rubber crumb can be used in many different ways including a soft fall ground cover in children’s playgrounds. Many councils and indoor playcentres are now using this softer, bouncier and easier to maintain surfacing in the playgrounds. 

One of the biggest opportunities is to use the tyre crumb in road building and mix it with the asphalt. There are worldwide trials, including Australia, to see how effective this is. Adding tyre crumb to the asphalt may assist in the longevity of the road reducing potholes, rutting and degradation due to water.

Irrigation and watering systems are also using the recycled rubber to make flexible hosing and pipes.

Other uses include; 

  •        Brake pads
  •        Commercial flooring
  •        Explosives
  •        Sport grounds

To find out more about tyre recycling, click through to Tyre Stewardship Australia.


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